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Just Another Sonnet
Alexis Amitirigala

While stars fade into a blue attire
A soft blade blinks and courts the rising sun
While wisps of silver dust transpire
A voiceless heart intones this sombre hum
Vexed seas and breaks in avid passion
Emulsifying one and one 'nto one
Eclipse the vision in the darkest fashion
Nourish cracks while sweet molasses run
While spirals spin us high and ever higher
And carry dazzled dwindling sights afar
Vertigo settles on the spire
The star crossed kiss bursts like a shooting star
The quest for love I merrily decry
'Tis utmost luck - and the basest lie

v. a. in einem der spannendsten seminare meiner laufbahn: "weltliteratur?"

geboren in london und wohnhaft in zürich. mensch helveto-singhalesischer abstammung. uni-gehender und trommelnder mensch. dat is alles.